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PL: Ośrodek Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych (stowarzyszenie)
EN:  NGO Support Center (an association

Our main activity is: Active citizenship, community development (empowerment of citizens), strengthening the capacity of NGOs (training, advisory, networking)

Mission of our association is to support community activities of citizens and their organizations, particularly in Podlaskie region. For over 20 years we have supported non-governmental organizations through training, consulting, information and animation. We promote the establishment of organizations and support groups that are planning to establish NGOs.

We carry out a number of projects for the benefit of the local NGOs. Our aim is to strengthen the capacity of organizations, prepare leaders and local communities. We animate the formation of local/regional networks and federations of NGOs.

We introduce new forms of participatory activities including public consultation. We strive to build partnership between local government units and NGOs to meet citizens needs thus increasing the participation of organizations in participatory processes. We participate in the planning and implementation of public policies.

Another field of our activities is social economy. We aim to create employment opportunities for people in difficult life situations (long-term unemployed, people with special needs or users of social aid from the Social Welfare Centers. We support creation of workplaces for them (social co-operatives, non-profit firms and non-governmental organizations conducting business activities).